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Hipe Holiday House

  • Russian sauna
  • Indian sweat tent
  • Cave sauna
  • Barrel sauna

Rohuaia talu, Vihula küla, 45402 Haljala vald, Lääne-Virumaa, Lääne-Virumaa

Hipe Rohila
Phone: +372 513 0780

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The Rohuaia (Grass Garden) Forest Salon is located in a farmhouse steeped in history, in the middle of the Lahemaa primeval forests in the village of Vihula.

  • Rare cave sauna - fits 4 people at a time on the heat room bench. Running from the sauna to the snow in winter is particularly enjoyable.
  • Barrel sauna - with optional herbs to invigorate the body and make the bath water visually beautiful and fragrant.
  • Cabinet sauna (Russian sauna) - the sauna can accommodate 6-8 people at a time. In the sauna herbal salts to exfoliate the body, and whisks for whisking are provided. The stove of the cabinet sauna is built of the 150-year-old bricks from the Vihula Manor brick factory.
    PS! As it takes a long time to heat the sauna, we kindly ask those who would like to use the sauna, to let us know well in advance.
  • A chance to experience an Indian sweat tent. You must bring along the person to heat the stones:)
  • Sauna therapy for those who wish.
  • In the massage room of the barn house, you can enjoy different massages for face and body with massage oils and honey blends made by the hostess herself.

A visit to the sauna always includes a sauna tea with herbs from the farm and mighty water.
All the ecologically clean plants used in the therapies come from the farm's meadows.
Training in herbal medicine and sauna therapy is available for those who wish.
During the warm season, a small holiday house (10-14 people) for accommodation.

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