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Vahi Farm

  • Wood-heated stove sauna
  • Russian sauna

VAHI, Kalliküla, Valga vald, Valgamaa

Merike Uuetoa
Phone: +372 517 7001

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A sauna session in a Vahi Farm sauna with a wood-burning stove is an experience in itself, where you are just in role of the enjoyer. The sauna is unique because the heating takes place several hours earlier in a closed oven and the oven door is opened only to throw water on the stones (like in a Russian sauna). The overall temperature is lower, between about 55–75 degrees and the sauna is much more humid.

We will heat and prepare the sauna, make fresh sauna whisks, and throw water on the heater when necessary. In total with tea and breathing breaks the sauna session takes at least 3 hours.
As an added bonus, you can fall asleep to a soft bed upstairs right on top of the sauna.
However, there is no need to worry – time stops in Vahi, there is no hurry anywhere.

Price: 140€/group. Sauna is open advance bookings only.

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